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Let’s start with the biggest opportunity first, and then scale it down.

Becoming a BizOnline Training Manager

This is a full time business opportunity for individuals.

The Business Set up is R2 450 and a monthly management fee of R529 is payable to us.

Once you have bought this business opportunity, you will get access to all the Training Manager Tutorials we publish from time to time.

You get:

  • Your own exclusive area in SA,
  • Your own BizOnline website,
  • Your own Enrolment system,
  • A stack of Tutorials designed to help you grow.

You need:

  • A home office,
  • Internet ADSL / Fibre connection,
  • SA FICA documents to open your own Payment Gateway.

Joining a Remote Work Team Hub

We have a number of opportunities for people who likes to work with others. All you need to do is to select the role you want to play in the team. Team memberships are R149 to R750 per month, depending on your profession or trade.

Working in a Team Hub

Once you have signed up, you will be invited to the facebook group in which your team operates. You will also be added to a Whatsapp group operated by your Team Leader.

Our role is to promote the services the Teams can provide using various channels, including email newsletters. Whenever we get a new client, the work will be assigned to the TEAM as a whole.

Team Responsibilities

Every member of a TEAM has the duty to grow the business by sharing links to the TEAM website on social media and classified advertising sites. The Team Leader will co-ordinate everything from a management perspective.

You will also have access to Tutorials published here.

Getting Started.

Step 1 is to select your option from the list below.

Once you have joined us, we will give you a bizonline.co.za email address.

Then come back to this website to access your Tutorials.

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