Kontax Facilitator Training Course -FTC-1

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Work from Home or Anywhere in the World

The future of work is not bound to an office. More and more companies are realising their full potential by outsourcing their Digital Marketing.

Business to Consumer
Business to Consumer


Business to Business
Business to Business




In-House Content Manager
In-House Content Manager

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Online Tutorials

Our entire business plan is available in the form of online tutorials. You will be be able to access it unless you are a member of our Community.

Where to find a tutorial

Tutorials are published regularly, but in no specific order. Sometimes we even publish it based on a question one of our community members have asked. To find what you are looking for, simply search for the answer using the search function in the sidebar.

If you still cannot find an answer, contact your Manager.


Where to find clients

You don’t have to find clients. We will find them for you through our weekly newsletters to over 5 000 companies throughout South Africa.

However, if you are just starting out, it is important that people get to know you and the services you offer. It is therefore vital that you share this information far and wide. The more visitors you bring to Bizonline, the more business the entire community gets.

Getting started

Our Online Tutorials are designed to give you insights into our business plan and how you can roll out your business. You are working for yourself, but you are also working in a team. You can choose your role in the community but you may not perform any function for which a role as already been taken up.

Our focus is to give everyone a fair chance to be active in the value chain of our service offering to clients.

What are you best at?

That is the role you should fullfil in our community.